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"CrossFit has been an amazing experience for me. The moment I started, Pete, Anna & the team made the transition into CrossFit comfortable and hospitable. I overcame my intimidation on the ‘toughness’ and ‘competitiveness’ yet I was welcomed with open arms and realised that it is a personal challenge.

Their experience and knowledge is second to none which is an enviable asset to assist you along and to push you outside your comfort zone. The workouts are unmatched to anything I’ve ever done and yet I’ve never had so much fun. Amongst the members there is never any judgement, only encouragement, with CrossFit you’re not only getting an incredible workout but you’re gaining another family."

  • Lucas Sheppard


"I started going to my regular gym one or two years before starting CrossFit, I had enough motivation to get there, but not enough motivation to really push myself into achieving goals. My boyfriend was already a part of CrossFit Mudgee and he convinced me to join. I was nervous and hesitant and looked at the people of CrossFit as quite scary. But I realised these people are a family, widely accepting, encouraging and full of team spirit (even though most workouts are individual).

With so much variety in the workouts catered to everyone’s different ability’s and excellent coaching I am always achieving new goals and watching others achieve theirs. I’ve now adapted a really healthy and fit lifestyle, gained lots strength and mobility and I get to train with a lot of awesome people."

  • Mackenzie Callaghan


"I joined Crossfit Mudgee in 2019 with the hopes of setting a good example of an active lifestyle for my young children. The welcoming environment, encouragement and family like community has create a place I can go to workout, challenge myself and make friends whilst doing it.

The trainers at Crossfit Mudgee always encourage you to better yourself and give you options appropriate for your fitness level to still reach your goals. It is with the help of these amazing people that I have reached my goal of a 30kg weight loss in just 6 months. I have recommended Crossfit Mudgee to a number of friends and would encourage any one who is thinking of having a go at Crossfit to have a chat with Pete and the team.”

  • Emma Nicholls


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Crossfit Journal

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CrossFit is a lifestyle characterised by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition.

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